Dalgona coffee: How to make the simple stay-at-home caffeine infused treat thats taking Instagram by storm.

Inspired by a South Korean sweetie using 3 simple ingredients found in everyone's food cupboard. All you need are Instant Coffee, Sugar & Milk (or whipped cream).


 With Bars & restaurants closed & many of us being forced to stay at home, coffee junkies have taken to experimenting with Kitchen cupboard essentials to create new takes on daily fixes..... Whether it be bread, cakes or a daily fix of coffee.

Whilst we don't all own the latest state-of-the art Barista coffee machine, we still search the likes of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & Facebook for the latest ideas & trends.

It seems Dalgona Coffees are everywhere.
Dalgona Coffee is inspired by a Sweet Toffee with a spongy center that hails from South Korea.
There are hundreds of amazing recipes out there but here is a simple one anyone can make: