Faulty Airbrush or Just a Cleaning and Set-Up Issue?

Is your airbrush not spraying how you'd like?

An airbrush is a very simple device. It has no motor, electronics and few moving parts. It only comes in to contact with air & liquid. The likelihood of it developing a fault is next to impossible. It does however need adjusting and setting up.

Knowing how to set up and maintain an airbrush is all part of airbrushing!

The first thing to ask yourself is: Am I using the correct airbrush medium for the airbrush setup I have? Some brands advertised as "suitable for airbrush" when they are not. If the colour is good make sure you shake well to prevent clumps of pigment. The second thing to ask is: Is the pressure from the compressor set correctly? Try turning it up (or down) & see how this affects the spray pattern.

Most airbrush "faults" come down to one of two causes.

  1. Incorrect set-up
  2. Blockage/cleaning issue

Luckily, both are easy to rectify.

1. Set-up an airbrush
First thing to say is if it aint broke.... don't fix it!
We get so many airbrushes back that get taken apart. Users have struggled to put them back together. Make sure you only use airbrush cake colours in your airbrush. It is unlikely that you will need to totally strip it down. 

99% of the time you will just need to adjust the needle.
Here's how to do it........

Loosen the needle chuck and (carefully) adjust the needle in and out (until it doesn't spray).

Tighten the chuck and test that it is working (only when the trigger is pulled back). Then replace the handle.

2.Blockage/cleaning issue

  • Pull the trigger back.
  • Pour the cleaning fluid into the airbrush.
  • Use a brush, or cotton bud to remove any colour from the cup.
  • Spray cleaning fluid through the airbrush away from your work. As you spray, cover the nozzle with a soft cloth. This forces air back into the bowl & dislodges residue. You will see air bubbles in the cup. This is the ‘backflush’ technique. 

Repeat the flushing procedure until the cleaning fluid runs clear.
Spray onto a white cloth or paper towel to test if it is completely clear.
Tighten the  chuck nut and re-adjust.

This sorts the biggest majority of problems you get with an airbrush. If it is still splattering then you may need to clean & polish the needle.



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