Watson & Webb FAQ

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

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What is the psi for this airbrush machine?
15 PSI (but you can switch this down if you require). 


Do the colors have alcohol?
Watson & Webb Airbrush cake colors are Kosher, Gluten free, Alcohol free, Nut free, Oil-free & suitable for vegetarians, vegans & lactose intolerance 


Can airbrush colors be applied with a brush?
Yes they can 


Can any brand of color be used
Any brand of color can be used, however it is recommended that you use airbrush cake decorating colors. 


What type of coloring do you need for the kit? is it special airbrush ones or any kind of food coloring?
Airbrush cake colors have more pigment than normal food coloring and are specially developed to flow through airbrush nozzles.


How easy is this to clean ?  
VERY easy to clean. There are instructions with it, which are easy to understand. It's so straight forward.


How well do the colors dry? Are they likely to drip and run on the cake? Is it sticky?
You use light layers to build up the color, so there is no dripping, it dries quickly and is not sticky.


Can I spray chocolate instead of color?
No only airbrush cake colors sorry :)


What voltage does it use? 
The compressor comes with a switching power supply (100v-240v). 


Air comes out of the nozzle without me touching the control !
Yes air does come out the nozzle even though you haven't pilled the trigger back. As you pull the trigger back the color then gets pulled up and mixed with the air. 


Is it suitable for spraying metallic colors? 
 Yes metallic colors are ok but not glitter colors.


Can you miss the colors together to make a primary color? for example to make orange-mixing red and yellow?
 Yes you can it comes with a chart to tell you what colors to mix. 

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